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Ultra-high purity stainless steel 「CLEANSTAR」

This material was developed based on SUS316L and is ideal for applications requiring high purity, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, ultra-high vacuum equipment, medical-related equipment parts, and bio-related equipment parts.


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Duplex stainless steel - 1

Duples stainless steel combines the advantages of ferrite and austenite.


It is attracting attention as a new option in a wide range of fields, including water gates, tunnels, sewage facilities, seawater desalination plants, seawater condensers, heat exchangers using industrial water and seawater, pollution prevention equipment (flue gas desulfurization equipment, etc.), equipment for various chemical plants, and equipment in contact with the process environment including chloride ions.


Not only JIS standard SUS329J1, SUS329J3L, and SUS329J4L, but also Nippon Steel Corporation’s “NSSC Duplex Series” is available.

Duplex stainless steel - 2

High Strength and Light Weight

Having approximately twice the strength of SUS304, it is possible to make parts thinner and lighter.

High corrosion resistance

With excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking, this material is ideal for protecting important parts from corrosive environments such as seawater.

Price stability

Nickel content is lower than that of austenitic steels, making it less susceptible to the effects of nickel price fluctuations on material costs. It is attracting attention at a time of heightened geopolitical risk.