Contribution to the improvement of our customers' production effiency

Customers always require “more precise and cheaper” materials.

Compared to similar materials produced by cutting steel sheets or cutting hot-rolled steel bars, Kansai Metal’s cold finished steel bars provide a higher and more stable level of precision, not only solving problems related to the material itself, but also helping our customers improve their overall production efficiency.

Introducing our diverse product lineup


Dimensional Accuracy

The improvement effect of yield rate by near-net-shape processes is especially noticeable in stainless steel, where the material cost is high, the life of cutting tools is short, and cutting speed is slow.


Deviation in diameter

<In round bars>

The difference between the maximum and minimum diameters in the same cross section is also strictly controlled, enabling material closer to a perfect circle at a lower cost.



The excellent straightness and small variation within a lot allow long materials to be used in automated production lines (NC automatic lathes with bar feeders) with confidence.

By reducing short time breakdown in the production line, we expect to increase production efficiency at our customers and improve the accuracy of production control.


Surface finish

The excellent surface finish unique to Kansai Metal’s “cold finished steel bars” can be used directly without any post-processing in situations where appearance quality is required.



<In square/Flat/Hexagonal Bars>

The surface of the material can be used as it is in many applications. Total cost reduction can be expected by eliminating the surface polishing process at the customer’s site.